Baengpun Camp

The “Baengpun Camp” is designed to develop provincial youth with low economic potential in web development and IT services that will lead to attractive local careers to reduce migration to urban centers.  Over time, this will help create a local network of Web and IT service providers that can contribute to developing the local economy.

Training topics


TimesDateTopictraining site
113 March 64Content preparation and Domain and HostingTHNIC Academy
220 March 64Domain and HostingTHNIC Academy
33 April 64Web DesignTHNIC Academy
48 May 64PhotoshopOnline
515 May 64WordPress installation & ConfigurationOnline
622 May 64WordPress installation & Configuration (2) และ Content MarketingOnline
729 May 64Media production (vdo, sound, content)Online
85-6 June 64HackathonOnline

The Baengpun Camp 2021

The Baengpun Camp 2021 will comprise a 3-month course covering Web Programming, Web Design, Web Marketing and Web Content. It will be held on Saturday or Sunday so it won’t disrupt participants’ normal study or work schedule with experts in each field invited to speak each week.  The program end with a Hackathon, in which each group of participants must enter the competition by creating a project in a limited time.  Winners will receive rewards and part-time job opportunities.

1st Training

2nd Training

3rd Training

4th-5th Training

During the pandemic of Covid-19, BaengPun camp has changed its arrangement to be the online training for another 4 weeks.  We completed the camp with a 2-days Online Hackathon during June 5-6, 2021.  The campers have been separated into 8 groups and competed in developing a website for their community in their various interest areas such as products, places, food, shopping, etc.   We also granted special rewards to the groups that could implement their website to comply with the Universal Acceptance readiness at some levels too.

48 May 2021Photoshop
515 May 2021WordPress installation & Configuration
622 May 2021WordPress installation & Configuration (2) and Content Marketing
729 May 2021Media production (vdo, sound, content)

List of winning teams

Prize money 10,000 baht
Prize money 5,000 baht
Prize money 3,000 baht

Diamond is unbreakable

A dream



Special prize, Thai email
Prize money 3,000 baht/team

Diamond is unbreakable

Examples Website

The Baengpun Camp 2019

Examples of works produced in the 1st Baengpun camp held in 2019 at Tak Pittayakom School (Note: These websites are part of the classroom exercises.  Not for commercial use.)